Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

The World Is Yours: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

We want to wish all of our students a big "Happy Summer!" Be sure to check back here periodically over the summer as we will have events, and information posted.

Before you turn off Lakeside for the summer, be sure to check out these cool end of the year videos:

What does the Lakeside Staff do when the students leave?

Check out our end of the year wrap up video Turning Dreams Into Reality 

This summer, Lakeside will be hosting the various programs throughout the district. Our front office will be open Monday - Thursday from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM and we will be closed on Fridays.

Enjoy your summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 12 - June 16, 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Staff Lip Sync Battle participants 
Thank you to everyone who came out to support our first Staff Lip Sync Battle. This event was so well attended that we raised over 2,500 dollars for the PTO. We want to give special thanks to our MC and winner Reccca Fomich! She has helped us out so much over the past few years and this was defiantly her most epic performance!

This is the last time for a lot of things this week. The end of the school year is bitter sweet. We are happy to celebrate the endings and new beginnings. This year we have seen unprecedented change at LMS. During the budget season we were required to cut 11 staff positions. Some staff are being transferred to other buildings while others will be in new districts next year.

Mrs. Pettit talking with the incoming 6th graders 
We have a great group of 8th graders that will be Stepping Up to High School this week! These students will be missed and we wish them the best of luck! We are looking forward to welcoming our new class of 6th graders. They are excited to become part of the Lakeside Lightning family!

The World is Yours: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities (2017-18 Theme) 

Despite the challenges to our school, we are poised to be better in 2017-18. Here are some of the major changes that will impact our school.

Master Schedule and Curriculum 
  • Math and LAL teachers will be working more collaboratively than ever before. Next year we will have a unique model of instruction that will provide the opportunity for targeted instruction in class as teachers will be paired during the 80 minute block.  
  • We will be offering an advanced Pre-Algebra for 7th graders this year. We are excited about this and we will be exploring other options next year for MORE advanced classes for our kids!!!! 
  • Science and Social Studies will continue to be paired together for A/B 80 minute blocks to allow for projects and in-depth discussions. 
  • World Language and additional CTE courses will be offered through Edmentum. This online program will provide instruction, grading and progress monitoring for each class in a Blended environment with a teacher. Students will be assigned time in a "Learning Lab" and we will be able to offer more courses than ever before. For more information on Edmentum check out their site http://www.edmentum.com
  • We will be starting our first STEM class this year. In addition, all CTE courses have been upgraded and changed to meet the changing needs of our kids. 
  • We will no longer have 30 day cycle classes. All previous cycle classes will be expanded to a Marking Period 
  • We will expanding our Basic Skills program through the use of Edmentum as well as continuing with Successmaker and additional teachers in the Math and LAL classrooms. These initiatives will be focused on assisting those students who are struggling with the curriculum.
  • We will be starting an "Advisory" period each day that will replace the AVID Strategies Period. This Advisory will period will be focused on Character Education and will last for 22 minutes. The Advisory period will be paired with a lunch.
  • We will be offering 6 lunch periods per day. This will revolutionize our cafeteria as none of these lunches will have more than 160 students. 
  • We are also decreasing the time in-between periods from 4 minutes to 3. 
  • The School Leadership Committee voted unanimously to increase the Rigor in our Retention Policy. We will be enforcing this new policy in 2017-18 that will include ALL classes as well as streamlining the unexcused absences (20) and the number of Failures (2) for all three grades. These changes are intended to improve our academic climate and culture. 
  • As for Special Education, there will be many changes to the programs over the summer as we continue to strive for the Least Restrictive Environment. 
  • We will be reviewing the Discipline Matrix over the summer. We have been noting concerns and suggestions from parents and staff throughout the year. 

Changes in Teacher Placements for 2017-18 
  • Mrs. Sharpless will be teaching 7th grade Math 
  • Mrs. Holmes will be teaching 8th grade LAL
  • Mrs. Basse will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Math
  • Mr. Garrison will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Social Studies 
  • Mrs. Henry will beteaching 7th and 8th grade Science 
  • Mrs. Gandy will be teaching 8th grade LAL 
  • Ms. Dimittia will be teaching all 8th grade Math 

Welcome Back - Both Mrs. Lopergolo and Mrs. Scaringello are returning to LMS from Wood School
  • Mrs. Lopergolo will be teaching 7th grade Math
  • Jen Scaringello will be teaching 7th grade LAL

Daily Announcements
Did you know that we will have the first full solar eclipse to be seen on mainland US in your whole lifetime? It has been 38 years since mainland USA has seen a solar eclipse and there are no upcoming solar eclipse before the year 2052 that will be able to be seen on New Jersey soil! 

That means that you want to see this super bowl of the sky on August 21, 2017. The only catch is that you can’t actually LOOK at it without special eye protection. Never fear, the 6th grade science department has your back. Ms. Votta, Mr. Hickman and Ms. Carroll are selling eclipse glasses for $2 until they run out. All proceeds will go toward the science department to allow your teachers to plan more exciting science classes for you next year.
It's not too late to join in on the 21st Century summer fun! Registration packets are at the front desk or at Mrs Gandy's room in B-130.

Lakeside Middle School's Gotta Feeling - Check out the Video 

Pictures from Around the School 
Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 

Lip Sync Battle 
Lip Sync Battle 

Dismissal and Arrival were challenging this week 

Dismissal and Arrival were challenging this week

Rebecca and Sanaa 

7th graders asking questions 
8th graders dissecting Squids 

8th graders dissecting Squids

8th graders dissecting Squids

Mrs. DeClementi's end of the year Ice Cream Party 

Mrs. DeClementi's end of the year Ice Cream Party 

Mrs. DeClementi's end of the year Ice Cream Party 

Twinning at LMS - Great Minds Dress Alike
Twinning in Ms. Wichnick's class 

Mr. Losaw and Mr. Flores 

Reading, Reading, Reading
Fifty-Six Lakeside 6th graders achieved the 2017 Read to Succeed Reading Challenge.
These students will be recognized on Monday, June 12, during 9th Period (2:35-3:05) 
in the Library/Media Center. They will be presented their certificates along with a free admission ticket for Six Flags – Great Adventure by Mr. Godfrey.

Our goal is withing reach
The students of Mrs. Schwailik's class - Periods 7-8, have read 95 books towards their "100 Book Challenge". The class is now smaller than the beginning of the year due to students who have moved. However, the remaining students are committed to reach their initial goal. They are currently reading their final books and plan to reach their goal by Wednesday of this week.  Congratulations, Great Job!!!
Mrs. Schwailik's period 7-8

Winners of the Week - Earlier this year Mr. Godfrey challenged Mrs. Birnstiel and Mrs. Schwailik's classes to read 200 books. So, the "200 Book Challenge" was born! This week the students of periods 1-2, not only reached the goal of 200 books for the year, but surpassed it by several books.
Congratulations to the students of periods 1-2!!!
Congratulations to Mrs. Birnstiel and Mrs. Schwailik's Period 1-2 class 

Weekly Overview
Monday - June 12 - B Day - 5th grade Visitation, 10:00 AM; Kayak Trip (reschedule) 
Tuesday - June 13 - A Day - PBSIS Survivor Event, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
Wednesday - June 14 - B Day - Step Up Practice 1, 2, 3 
Thursday - June 15 - A Day - Step Up Practice 1, 2, 3; Awards Ceremonies, Grade Level Periods;  8th Grade Step Up, 6:00 PM 
Friday - June 16 - B Day - Last Day of School, Early Dismissal 1:05 PM

Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 5 - 9, 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality! 

LMS students and families attended the Philles game on June 2
This year continues to get better as the time goes by. Everyday our students and staff turn dreams into reality in their own way. Since we will be welcoming the incoming 6th graders this week, we put together a little video of all the pictures from the Lakeside Lightning Round Blog from the year.

This way, the students can see what an awesome school we have and we can reflect on what we have accomplished this year. Please take a few minutes (it is about 8 minutes) to watch the video!

2016-17 LMS Turning Dreams Into Reality... A look back on our year 

LMS Finals Week 
This week the students will be taking their final exams. These exams are very important for overall grade point average and for those who are in danger of being retained. Students should make sure to try their best!

Monday - World Language, Health and PE
Tuesday - Science/Social Studies
Wednesday - Science/Social Studies
Thursday - Language Arts
Friday - Math

Daily Announcements
6th grade Choir 

Yearbooks are here! Yearbooks are here!! June 7th is the big day!! If you pre-ordered your yearbook, you will get it in homeroom June 7th! All extra yearbooks will go on sale that morning in M133, Mrs. Sooy's room for $25 cash or check to Millville Board of Education. They will be sold every day until they are sold out. Don't miss out!!

I bet you didn’t know Mrs. Salvati’s got bars (slang term for she’s good at rapping) On Wednesday June 7th come out to Lakeside’s first ever Staff Lip Sync Battle at 6:30 p.m. in the Auditorium and watch as your teachers perform as some of music’s most popular artists.  Admission is $5 and there will be a basket raffle with prizes from Chick Fil A, Tupperware, Perfectly Posh, Jamberry, Thirty One, and more!  All money raised will be donated directly back to the Lakeside PTO to be used for our students.

6th Grade Band 
The last PBSIS Event is right around the corner on Tuesday, June 13th from 10-2:30. We have a huge event planned! We have different activities teams from each grade level will compete for the grand prize! There will even be a cool down area that will offer some fun activities along with snacks! Then at the end of the events, we will have a huge Tug-of-War game! The winning grade with the most points will earn the Lakeside Lightning Bolt, which will be displayed all year in the grade office. Tickets sales are from May 31st to June 7th. The cost is 30 ZAPs! Limited to 100 students per grade. You will receive a sheet with a ticket. On the sheet you will write your name and your team members' names. There are 10 people to a team, if you don't have enough team members, we will combine teams. People on your team MUST have a PBSIS ticket for this event! Only one sheet per team needs to be handed in. This sheet must be turned in to Mrs. Rauch in room M121, no later than June 9th. So come join us for Lakeside Survived '16-'17! Any questions see Mrs. Rauch in M121.

Art Show was amazing! 
Student Council is sponsoring Summer Fun Basket Raffle. Tickets will be sold during homeroom in Y105 and during all lunches.  All are welcome to participate and buy a chance on these amazing summer fun opportunities.  What is in the Summer Fun Basket you ask?  Well, Great Adventure Tickets, two movie tickets, plus popcorn, candy, beach accessories, and more!  Can you say summer fun?  Limited time on the ticket purchases- $1, $5 and $10 tickets sales are available and will be sold now until June 1.  Drawing will be on announcements June 2.    Oh did I mention 3 Zaps gets one chance per student* (disclaimer: only one time use for each student). So, don’t miss out on this summer fun basket.   Good Luck friends.

Student council Summer Shout outs will be sold between June 1-June 9.  Candy Gram Summer Shout outs will be distributed on June 13.  $1 Lollipop and $2 candy bar.  Don't miss out on the fun of wishing your friends a great summer.

Pictures From Around the School
Spring Art Show 

Lightning Strikes Bogarts

Lightning Strikes Bogarts

Lightning Strikes Bogarts

Lightning Strikes Bogarts

Lightning Strikes Bogarts
The Incredible Hulk? Or a mystery guest appearance 

Winners of the Week - Mrs. Booz, Ms. Zeiters, Mrs. Salvati and Mrs. Heim for all their work to promote the Fine and Performing Arts at LMS. This week our students showed off their talent in the Art Show and the Spring Concerts! 
Our winners of the week! 

Weekly Overview
Monday - June 5 - A Day - NJHS trip. 5th grade visitation, 10:00 AM; Final Exams
Tuesday - June 6 - B Day - Student Council Trip; Kayak Trip; 5th grade Visitation, 10:00 AM; HS Boys Basketball Meeting, 2:30 PM (for 8th graders); Final Exams
Wednesday - June 7 - A Day - Sub-committees, 3:20 PM;  Final Exams; Staff Lip Sync, 6:30 PM
Thursday - June 8 - B Day - SLC/SCIIP Meeting, 3:20 PM;  Final Exams
Friday - June 9 - A Day -  Final Exams