Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 15 - January 19, 2018

Lakeside Lightning,

The World Is Yours: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

The LMS Lightning Bots 
This week Lakeside Middle School learned about our new classification with the New Jersey Department of Education. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that went into effect in August of 2017, school districts are identified based on student growth on the PARCC. Our new classification is a Target School. We are excited to note that we met the previous sub groups as a Focus school.  We could not have met these targets without the support of parents, students and the dedicated teachers!

There are still areas we need to improve but it is clear the LMS is making significant progress. In the next few weeks, we will be sending out the specific information to the parents as well as having a parent informational night. We will also be posting this information on our website and blog. Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support!

This week we have off on Monday because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This holiday is very special for us because of the contributions Martin Luther King Jr. made to the Civil Rights of the United States. His "I Have a Dream" speech is legendary and has impacted countless Americans of all backgrounds.

Here is a clip from Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech:

Daily Announcements
6th grade Students of the Month enjoying some pizza! 
Any girls interested in playing travel lacrosse, Coach McCarthy from the Senior High School will be holding a short meeting in the cafeteria on Wednesday, January 17th from 3:15-3:35. You will need a ride home. If you cannot make it, see Coach Wichnick upstairs in G211

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies
Tuesday, January 16th is PBSIS Cookie Day in all lunches
Bring a zap or 2 to your lunch period and enjoy a delicious cookie or 2
Limit 2 cookies per person

Attention all field hockey players: sweatshirts are in! See Coach Wichnick in G211 as soon as possible with your $30 payment

Attention all AVA Club Members - We will be having a meeting today January 19, 2018 at 3:20 PM in the DMC. Please see Dr. Cook if you have any questions.

Brrr it is cold out there- Student Council is now excepting any donations for new hats/gloves,  hand warmers, slightly used blankets, and warm jackets.  Just think of the impact you can make on someone who is out in the elements.  Thanks!

Thank you and the joke of the week is: When does it rain money? When there is change in the weather. Have a fabulous week!

Congratulations to Andrew Laird and Will Shea who auditioned and made it into the Olympic Conference Honors Band!
Andrew (left) and Will (right) are on their way to the Olympic Conference Band! 

Twining at LMS - Great Minds Dress Alike
Mr. Hudson, Mr. Protic and Mr. Gardenhire rocking the purple! 

Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Hudson and Mr. Godfrey were triplets 

The Grennon cousins with opposites

Winners of the Week
This week our winners of the blog are the Lego Robotics Club! They represented LMS on Saturday at their competition and came in 10th out 16 schools! Thank you to Mrs. Salvati and Ms. Carroll for their leadership and support of the club! 
The Lego Robotics club preparing for Competition 

Lightning Bots at the competition 

The Lightning Bots 

Competition time! 

Weekly Overview
Monday - 1/15/18 - No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday - 1/16/18 - B Day - NJCAP 7th grade; PBSIS Cookie Day; Art, Library, Cheer, HW, Math, Phys Ed clubs 3:20 PM
Wednesday - 1/17/18 - A Day - NJCAP 7th grade; Department Meeting, Math/Science, LAL, 3:20 PM
Thursday - 1/18/18 - B Day - NJCAP 7th grade; Shades of Blue, HW, LAL, Lego, PBSIS clubs, 3:20 PM
Friday - 1/19/18 - A Day - NJCAP 7th grade; PTO Dash for Cash, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 8 - 12, 2018

Lakeside Lightning,

The World Is Yours: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Although we didn't have school, the custodian crew worked!
Last week the east coast experienced an unprecedented storm called a Bomb Cyclone. I am sure every had to look that up as we did, but in short a Bomb Cyclone refers to "a phenomenon expected to occur as this weather event unfolds. The official term is explosive cyclogenesis, or bombogenesis which—in addition to being my new favorite word—is actually really common." (Source: Popular Science)

A big shout out goes to our custodial staff. They braved the storm and shoveled the grounds around the school. As you are aware, our school is humongous with lots of sidewalks. The custodian staff ensured that we would be safe when return to school on Monday.

Important Parent Meeting - January 10 at 6:00 PM in DMC 
This week we will have a special parent meeting on Wednesday, January 10 at 6:30 PM in the DMC. The purpose of this meeting is address concerns of bullying at Lakeside Middle School. Sue Bacon, from the NJCAP program, will review how all of the students and staff are trained to identify and address bullying at Lakeside Middle School. This will be a great session for parents to attend so they can see first hand how LMS is addressing bullying.

Gifted and Talented LMS students win Stock Market in National Competition
Congratulations to First Place Middle School Division winners Milton White, Uche Aliche, Paul Porecca, and Will Shea. These students will receive a trophy and $250.00 dollar gift card per team member!

In addition, LMS also secured Third Place in the Middle School Division and the following students Sydney Repp, Andrew Zerra, and Karen Chainey will receive $125.00 gift card per team member!

Additional Honor Roll Assembly 
We had an issue regarding who earned honor roll or principal’s list for 1st MP.  Due to the number of students on the attached list, we will be holding a second assembly to recognize these students for their achievement.  The assembly will be held on Friday, January 12 at 2:00.  Passes will be issued to students in homeroom on January 12th.

Congratulations to the 7th Grade Students of the Month! 
Jake Boggs for Language Arts
Enaysha Walker for Math
Karla lopez-Vivar for Social Studies
Armando Virutet for Science

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser - From now until April 2, 2018 (Benefits 8th grade) 
We are participating in a unique fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Here are the rules: "When your guests dine with us they simply show this card to the staff member processing payment.  At this point the team member will tag the check with a "Team L".  This will tag the check so the discussed percentage will be set aside for your fundraiser. 

This PDF file can be emailed, printed/handed out, sent through text, or posted on social media.  All we require is that your guest presents the flyer in some fashion.   We do not allow solicitation in front of the restaurant handing out flyers."

Daily Announcements 
Do you like to sing? Dance? Is acting your specialty?  Are you a talented artist?  If so, Performance Plus is for you.  This two-day workshop takes place at Wheaton Village on February 8th and 9th .   All Lakeside students are able to sign up for this activity.  There is a $40 fee to attend.  Please see Mrs. Gaudio in Y 133 to register.  Don’t delay – spots fill up quickly!

Any students who have signed up for Intramural Weight Training. Please check the sign up list down by the Auxiliary Gym to see if they are eligible to play. Students with “cleared” next to their name can participate. Weight Training will begin on January 9th. Any questions please see Coach Camerieri or Coach Wittman.

First Lego League Club is meeting every day after school until 5 p.m. in M102 to prepare for our January 13th competition. If you cannot attend you must notify Ms. Carroll or Mrs. Salvati as there is important information you need.

Thank you and the joke of the week is: Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired. Have an energized Week at LMS!

Pictures from around the school
LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

LMS storm clean up  

Winners of the Week
This week's winners of the blog go to our Custodian Team led by Mr. Wayne Parr. As mentioned earlier in the blog, the crew braved the elements and ensured that our school would be open and ready. Thanks for all you do!


Weekly Schedule
Monday - 1/8/2018 - Phys Ed, Credit Completion, 3:20 PM
Tuesday - 1/9/2018 - Honors Band auditions, Library, HW, Art, Math, Phys Ed clubs, 3:20 PM
Wednesday - 1/10/18 - Department Meetings, 3:20 PM; PTO Meeting, 5:00 PM; Parent Anti Bullying Meeting, 6:00 PM
Thursday - 1/11/18 - Lego, LAL, HW, Shades of Blue clubs, SLC Meeting, 3:20 PM
Friday - 1/12/18 - AVA Club, 3:20 PM

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

January 2 - 5, 2018

Lakeside Lightning,

The Student Council visited RM Bacon to give gifts 
The World Is Yours: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities 

Wow...It's hard to believe that we are in 2018! We are so excited to get back from the break and begin our learning process for the new year!

We accomplished so many things during the last few days of 2017. In fact, our school was highlighted in a Daily Journal article (and video) as we hosted the High School for a unique STEM Day. Please take a few moments to checkout this story. 

Throughout the Winter Wonderland week we also had our Student Council visit RM Bacon and provide gifts for the kindergarten students. The Student Council bought the gifts for the students themselves! It was amazing and many of the kids were convinced that our LMS students were elves! In addition the Student Council raised over 350.00 dollars to donate to a family who recently suffered a huge loss.

The LMS staff donated over 250.00 dollars to a needy family and 4 boxes of food to the First United Methodist Church in Millville. These generous donations were in lieu of attending the staff meeting, but more importantly, they came from the heart!

Winter Wonderland Week at LMS - Since we had so many pictures submitted to the blog this week, we decided to put them all together in a video for you to watch.

Phenomenal Friday - This is from Dr. Gentile's popular email to the district.
“Bobby Barber and Ryan Hudson organized a very successful STEM day for LMS 8th grade Algebra students. This event was attended by both parents and students and highlighted some of the awesome programs at the High School! Bobby and Ryan did a lot of work behind the scenes to make this event special! Go Junior Bolts!”

One of the staff PBSIS winners... Mr. Williams! 
Videos from around the school

Dr. Cook visits RM Bacon 

LMS STEM Day - The Robot 

LMS STEM Day - The Catapult 

Daily Announcements 
Winter Wonderland Spirit 
NJHS would like to thank all of the staff members who participated in our 4th annual Ugly Sweater Contest.  We had many that fit the criteria but the ugliest of them all goes to…. Mrs. Salvati!  In the spirit of the season, Mrs. Salvati donated her winning prize to a deserving family in need.  Congratulations!

All students interested in Intramural weight-training please get a permission slip from your PE teacher.  All students will need a physical in order to participate.

Seussical cast and CREW....please pick up the January schedules from the choir room.  Make sure you have one before the break because we start right in when we return in January.   Please study your scripts and practice your songs over the break.

Get your yearbook!!  Order your yearbook!!  Yearbook pre-orders are now being taken in Mrs. Sooy's room, M133.  The cost is $20 if you order in November or December and $25 after that.  Bring cash or check to Millville Board of Education to Mrs. Sooy in M133.  Don't miss out!!

Don't forget to eshare your photos for the yearbook.  Directions were handed out in homeroom, and they are on posters in the hallways.  Mrs. Sooy wants your pictures with friends, with teachers, with teammates.  She wants your selfies, your snapchat filters, your black and whites.  So upload, upload, upload using the code Lakeside18.

Thank you and the joke of the week is: What would you call an elf who comes to help the other 11 elves at the workshop? The Twelf.

Deck the LMS Halls - These didn't make it in the video 
Dr. Cook and Mrs. Lokuta with holiday spirit 

What amazing cards from our Library Staff 

Mr. Garrison... no caption needed 

Winner of the Ugliest Sweater Competition 

Holiday spirit! 

Mrs. Petitt came in a close second 

Check out the holiday spirit! 

Holiday spirit 

Student Council at RM Bacon 

When Ms. Grennon and Ms. DiMittia are supposed to be taking pictures 

Flannel Friday and the Elves 

Mr. Jimenez knows how to wear flannel 

Ms. Votta's students doing an experiment on the day before break! 

Holiday Spirit 

PBSIS crew making snow cones 

Caring Court was decked out  

Caring Court was decked out  

Caring Court was decked out  

Caring Court was decked out  

Caring Court was decked out  

Caring Court was decked out  

Mr. P was one of the PBSIS winners 

Mrs. Gaudio was one of the PBSIS winners 

STEM Day at LMS 

STEM Day at LMS 

Ms. James's class had spirit 

Ms. Belucci was one of the PBSIS winners 

Winners of the Week - Real live Elves on the Shelves visited LMS. Thanks to those two elves for spreading good cheer on our last day of the year! 
We think that the coverage elf was captured 
Of course Dr. Cook had to take a selfie

Is that Mrs. Clause? 

Mrs. Salvati was so excited to see the elves 

She felt bad for the coverage elf but who wants coverage? 

Weekly Overview
Monday - New Years Day
Tuesday - 1/2/17 - A Day - Library, HW, Art, Math, Phys Ed clubs, 3:20 PM
Wednesday - 1/3/17 - B Day - BOE Reorganization Meeting, 5:30 PM
Thursday - 1/4/17 - A Day - PBSIS Ambassadors, Lego, LAL, HW, Shades of Blue clubs, 3:20 PM
Friday - 1/5/17 - B Day - Another amazing day at LMS

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