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December 12 - 16, 2016

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Ms. Zeiters opening the Winter Concert
We had another amazing week at Lakeside Middle School. Our 6th, 7th and 8th graders did a phenomenal job with the Winter Concerts. They took on challenging songs and performed them at high level. We must also acknowledge Ms. Zieters and Mrs. Booz for leading the Band and Chorus!

In addition to the Winter Concerts, we had our annual Book Fair in the Library. We are not sure how much money we raised, but the early indication is that we did better than last year. Our staff Sub Committees and School Leadership Team met last week. They are improving the school with their ideas and programs!

8th grade Winter Concert 
This week the AVID students and the Millville Neighborhood Alliance will be meeting in Mrs. Lokuta. The Neighborhood Alliance will be sharing with our students the criteria for their Millville improvement projects. This venture is very exciting! Stay tuned for more details.

We will also be planning our Professional Development this week. Selected teachers will be working with administration and the RAC to plan out the January, February and March In-services.

Student Bloggers of the Week - Mrs. Bergman is working with 8th graders to tell the story of LMS through their eyes. This week we are featuring two bloggers (Joel Martinez and Paige Risley). If you want to be featured, be sure to see Mrs. Bergman!

Joel Martinez - Lakeside is an outstanding place to be learning. I say this because Lakeside is the place where dreams become reality. This happens from the little 6th graders all the way to the older 8th graders. We have dreams. We all have dreams! Some of use have dreams to become an engineer and some want to be the next Kobe Bryant. All of us have dreams of being someone on this planet Earth. My dream is to be a lawyer. All of my teachers have encouraged me while at Lakeside. I thank them for their support and I will one day turn my dream into reality! 

Paige Risley - In advanced Language Arts I am doing an essay on something that has influenced me. I chose to write about A Christmas Carol. The requirements for the essay are you have to create three spirits. These are your gohsts of Christmas past, present and future. I think this essay is interesting because it helps with creative writing and to help Mrs. Sooy get to know her students even more! 

Daily Announcements
Dr. Cook and the Lightning Strikes Bogarts Crew
Attention all Lakeside students:  AVID will be sponsoring a trip to Stratosphere Trampoline Park on Tuesday, January 24th from 3:30-7:30pm.  The cost of the trip is $25 which includes your ticket to the trampoline park and bus transportation.  If you are interested in attending, please pick up a flyer and waiver from the grade level offices and return the signed waiver and payment to Mrs. Hallenbeck in the main office no later than January 13th.  Please note there will be no nurse on this trip and no one on the restricted list may attend.  Tickets will sell FAST, so get your ticket as soon as possible!

Attention all student council members- New meeting date Dec 16 and everything is due at the meeting.  Meeting for Dec. 12 rescheduled to Dec. 16   anyone who signed up for Ringing the Bell please make your times on Dec. 13.   Check times on schedule.

Any Student Council member who has signed up for the Veterans home Decorations Day Dec 10  please see Mrs. Kern after announcements today.  Very important information will be given out.

Our first Dash for Cash was a success! Thanks Mrs. Salvati! 
Tis the season for holiday concerts!!  Make sure you upload those concert pictures with friends for the yearbook.  Just go in to eShare and use code Lakeside17 so that they can be included in the yearbook.

Tickets are now on sale for Lakeside Family Friendly Night at the Philadelphia 76’ers Game on Friday February 24th. Bus leaves Lakeside at 5 and returns at 11. Tickets are $20 cash (only-no checks accepted) per person and pizza and soda will be provided at 4:00 p.m. at Lakeside before the game. Permission slips are available in the main office. Permission slips can be returned to Mrs. Benfer in the main office.

Anyone interested in Weight Training for winter Intramurals should see their Phys Ed teacher or stop down to the gym to get a permission slip to sign up. Reminder you must have a physical in order to participate. Any further questions regarding weight training see Coach Nugent or Coach Wittman.

Pictures from around the school 

7th grade Winter Concert 

8th grade Winter Concert 

6th Grade Winter Concert 

7th grade Winter Concert 

7th Grade Winter Concert 

Shades of Blue 
6th grade Student of the Month celebration 

6th grade Student of the Month Celebration 
Lightning Strikes Bogarts! 

Lightning Strikes Bogarts! 

Dr. Cook being silly with Mrs. Morgan's son at Lighting Strikes Bogarts! 

Mrs. Lokuta reading to her son at Lightning Strikes Bogarts! 
AVID students at the Holocaust Memorial Museum  

8th graders doing the Hiker activity 

8th graders doing the Hiker activity 

8th graders making volcanoes 
Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home 

Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home

Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home

Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home

Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home

Student Council at the Vineland Veterans Home
Video of the Week - Chelsea dancing with a Veteran! 

Twinning is Winning
Mrs. Lokuta was twinning with the AVID tutor, Matt Pierce! 

Our first "triplet" - Everyone was wearing plaid! 

Another twin win with Mrs. Diaz! 

Ms. James and Mrs. Holmes twinning in Caring Court 

Mrs. Birnstiel and Mrs. Hoffman twinning in Caring Court

Winner of the Blog 
Andre Davis is the fastest typist in the 7th grade! 91 words per minute (maybe he should start doing the Lightning Round) 

Weekly Overview
Monday - A Day - Another Awesome Day at LMS
Tuesday - B Day - Pre Planning Professional Development, DMC; Millville Neighborhood Alliance, Mrs. Lokuta's room
Wednesday - A Day - Workout Wednesday; Veterans Home Visit;
Thursday - B Day - Another Awesome Day at LMS
Friday - A Day - Another Awesome Day at LMS

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  1. I would like to thank some of Miss. Grennon's and Mrs. Powell' students for making Christmas Cards and a huge paper snowflake to send to my Nephew and Miss . Grennon's cousin , Major Ken Reed. He is currently on his 4th tour of duty in Iraq and his first away from his wife and 2 kids. Thank you for helping to brighten his holiday!