Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29 - June 2, 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Bird-feeder Dab by Mrs. Scwailik's students 
We hope that you enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend. The purpose of Memorial Day is to remember those in the Armed Services that lost their lives while fighting for our country. It has also become the "unofficial" beginning of summer where most people go down the shore or have a barbecue. At LMS, we do not celebrate the beginning of summer until June 17 (this year). We have plenty of school days left to make a difference and to turn dreams into reality!

Last week we had a few activities that engaged our parents and community. On Tuesday we hosted the final Millville Neighborhood Alliance meeting of the school year. All of the students who identified problems in the city were supplied with resources from the Millville Neighborhood Alliance. These projects will continue through the summer and into next year!

In addition, we hosted our annual AVID Awards Dinner on Thursday evening. We had over 200 parents and students enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers, water ice and cake during the baseball themed event. A big thank you to the AVID site team as well as all of the parents and student who attended!

This week we have some amazing performances scheduled!!!! 
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings our student concerts and art show will be taking place in the Auditorium! Art show begins at 6:30 PM followed by Choir and Band performances at 7:00 PM. Come support the Fine & Performing Arts students and see all their hard work pay off!

High School STEM Labs will be created for our 7th graders on Wednesday

  • Pop Rocks Viscosity – students will complete a 5 senses test with pop rocks and then they will complete a viscosity experiment using different liquids to test the pop rocks reaction to each.
  • Tower Challenge – students will learn about the strength of shapes and then participate in a tower building activity.
  • Slime Creation Station – students will discover the chemical reaction as ingredients are combined and slime is created!
  • Spherification – students will learn about the chemical process of transitioning a liquid into a semi-solid liquid filled bubble.
  • Rube Goldberg Machine – students will work in groups to create and test a complex series of simple machines to complete a simple task.

Daily Announcements 

Who got cake on Mr. Clarke and Ms. Carroll? 
On Wednesday June 7th come out to Lakeside’s first ever Staff Lip Sync Battle at 6:30 PM in the Auditorium.  The show is going to be filled with so many crazy performances that you do NOT want to miss! Admission is $5 and there will be a basket raffle. All money raised will be donated directly back to the Lakeside PTO. You will get to see Mr. Clark and Mrs. Elwell perform a song by two well-known hip hop artists.

Student Council is sponsoring Summer Fun Basket Raffle. Tickets will be sold during homeroom in Y105 and during all lunches.  All are welcome to participate and buy a chance on these amazing summer fun opportunities.  What is in the Summer Fun Basket you ask?  Well, Great Adventure Tickets, two movie tickets, plus popcorn, candy, beach accessories, and more!  Can you say summer fun?  Limited time on the ticket purchases- $1, $5 and $10 tickets sales are available and will be sold now until June 1.  Drawing will be on announcements June 2.    Oh did I mention 3 Zaps gets one chance per student* (disclaimer: only one time use for each student). So, don’t miss out on this summer fun basket.   Good Luck friends.

Student Council Summer Shout outs will be sold between June 1-June 9.  Candy Gram Summer Shout outs will be distributed on June 13.  $1 Lollipop and $2 candy bar.  Don't miss out on the fun of wishing your friends a great summer.
Do you want to have interesting experiences this summer, like fishing, kayaking, going to the Levoy Theater and many more?  If so, pick up an application for summer 21st Century which are located at the front desk or in Mrs. Gandy's room in B-130. Applications are due by June 1st. Hurry because spots are filling up fast

Last chance to pre-order your yearbook is now!!  You only have until May 25th to bring your $25, cash or check to Millville Board of Education, to Mrs. Sooy in M133. Guarantee that you get a yearbook by pre-ordering one!!  Once they come in they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis until they are sold out.  Don't miss out on a year of amazing memories!!

Pictures from around the School
Recycling program is in full swing! 

Mrs. Schwailik's students started a bird feeder 

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

AVID Awards Dinner 

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

AVID Awards Banquet 

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

Annual Bike Trip 

Millville Neighborhood Alliance working with LMS

Mrs. Schwailik's students with the bird-feeders 

Mrs. Schwailik's students with the bird-feeders 

Paper STEM challenge Winners!

Ms. Carroll's classes are designing a garden 

Ms. Carroll's classes are designing a garden 

Ms. Carroll's classes are designing a garden 

Ms. Carroll's classes are designing a garden 

Ms. Carroll's classes are designing a garden 

Congratulations to Mr. Jacobs on his retirement! 

Congratulations to Mr. Jacobs on his retirement

Mrs. DeClementi's students taking flight one last time 

Mrs. Schwailik's students researching local birds for their project 

Twinning At LMS - Great Minds Dress Alike
Special Agent Hudson and Garrison are on assignment at LMS

Winner of the Week - This week's winner is Mr. Fry! He won a $1,000 grant from California Casualties through the New Jersey Education Association. He plans to use the money to get some new uniforms for some of our sport teams! 
Congratulations to Mr. Fry for winning  $1,000 for LMS Athletics! 

Weekly Overview
Monday - May 29 - No School - Memorial Day
Tuesday -  A Day - May 30 - Art Show, 6:30 PM; 8th grade Concert, 7:00 PM
Wednesday - B Day - May 31 - Art Show, 6:30 PM; 7th grade Concert, 7:00 PM
Thursday - A Day - June 1 - Scheduling Meeting, 3:20 PM; Art Show, 6:30 PM; 6th grade Concert, 7:00 PM
Friday - B Day - June 2 - Band/Choir Trip; Phillies trip (Family Friendly Grant)

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