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June 18 - 22, 2018

8th Grade GT 1st and 3rd place winners in Stock Market Challenge
Lakeside Lightning,

It's all About Respect at Lakeside Middle School

This is an exciting week at Lakeside Middle School. We will be hosting our second annual PBSIS Survivor Series on Monday. We had over 400 eligible students (each had to have 30 Zaps) register for the event. Students will be in teams and will compete in various activities. On Tuesday, our 6th and 7th grade students will be participating in their Field Day. Students will have fun as they play on bouncy houses, enjoy music and food. Wednesday evening is our annual Step Up for the 8th graders. This is such a well organized and special event for our 8th graders. Then, we close the academic year out by having our Awards Ceremonies for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders on Thursday. We will be dismissing at 1:05 PM on Thursday.

We will continue the Lightning Round Blog over the summer. We host many programs at the school and we always want to update everyone on our updates and progress.

Students will be welcomed back to school on September 6, 2018.

Important Information for this week

  • We will be extending HR on Monday and Tuesday for students to empty their lockers. 
  • The PBSIS Survivor Showdown starts at 9:00 AM on Monday, so students will stay with their HR until the event begins.  
  • Tuesday is the 6/7 grade Field Day, so students will stay with their HR until the event begins.  8th grade students will be able to empty lockers until they are dismissed to 1st period at 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday is the 8th Grade Step Up at 6:00 PM.
    • Everyone must have a ticket to enter, but the seating is first come first served. 
    • No balloons, flowers or gifts will be allowed in the auditorium.
    • Students should refrain from bringing anything with them to the Step Up including Cell Phones
    • Students are expected to dress appropriately:
      • For females, skirts and dresses are to be length appropriate. Heel height should reflect the ability to walk comfortably. No strapless or “spaghetti” straps 
      • For male students, shirts and pants cannot sag or be worn too low. 
    • Students who are on the restricted list, ACI, Out of School Suspension or in danger of failing 8th grade will not be allowed to participate. 

  • Thursday is the last day of school. We will be having grade level Awards Ceremonies. Dismissal is at 1:05 PM. 

Mrs. Schwailik's class surpasses their 100 Book Challenge by 17 Books!!!
Each year Mrs. Schwailik proposes a challenge to her students by encouraging them to read 100 books. This year they exceeded the mark by 17 books. Not only did they read 117 books, they also passed all of the Accelerated Reader tests associated with those books. Her students read and more importantly comprehend what they are reading. This is such an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to all of the students and to Mrs. Schwailik! 

Mr. Garrison and Mrs. Salvati took the Morning Announcement Crew
to Red Robin 
Daily Announcements 

Hey 8th graders, would you like to leave a special message for a current or former Lakeside Teacher before you move on up the 9th grade? Come to the TV studio during homeroom by 8:30 to get your special message out on our LIVE Lakeside NEWS YouTube channel!

Didn’t get a yearbook yet? There’s still time! All extra yearbooks are now on sale in Mrs. Sooy's room, M133, during homeroom, 5th, 6th and 9th periods and Stepping Up on June 20th.  They will be sold until we are sold out.  Bring $25 cash or check to Millville Board of Education to Mrs. Sooy in M133 to get your amazing 2018 yearbook full of memories!
Thank you and our joke for the week is: Where do bows and arrows shop? Target Have a funny Week!

Pictures from around the school 
Ms. Elwell and Mr. Clarke at their Baby Shower! 

Mrs. Abel ran the waffle station at the Principal's Award Breakfast 

 Principal's Award Breakfast 

 Principal's Award Breakfast 

 Principal's Award Breakfast 

Winners of the Week - Congratulations to the students who made Principal's List all 3 marking periods. These students were treated to a delicious breakfast made by Mrs. Oquendo! Thanks again to the students for all of their hard work and academic excellence. 
6th Grade 
Jenna Backman
Jillian Brode
Gabriel Burns
Jalia Cooper
Joshua Flores
Madison Gallagher
Makayla Hand
Logan Hannah
Mariah Maldonado
Ethan Middleton
Xavier Morales
Carter Schaffer
Kerry Shea
Cali Sloan
Matthew Sooy
Molly Taylor
Aidan Whilden

7th grade
Abbygale Bender
Sebastian Blough
Chelsea Dobrosky
Alyssia Gomez
Alexis Moler
Tadden Rempel
Natalie Repp
Reese Sheppard
Stella Sheppard
Amelia Sooy
Christian Staniec
Faith Stupp
John Wettstein
Taylor Whitaker

8th Grade 
Gabrielle Akiatan
Cassidy Blough
San’aa Doss
Julianna Giordano
Olivia Giordano
Mary Greco
Natalie Harrison
Megan Majewski
Shannon Peterson
Quinn Reilly
Hannah Runkle
Hailey Schwegel
Henry Sheppard
Kevin Sheppard
Jayme Sooy
Ashton Steffler
Emily Taylor
Laurel Wells
Madison Woodman
Andrew Zerra

Monday - 6/18/18 - A Day - PBSIS Survivor Series 
Tuesday - 6/19/18 - B Day - 6th grade and 7th grade Field Day 
Wednesday - 6/20/18 - A Day - Step Up Practice8th Grade Step Up, 6:00 PM 
Thursday - 6/21/18 - B Day - Grade Level Awards Ceremonies; Early Dismissal, 1:05 PM 
Friday 6/22/18 - Summer Break begins 

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