Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 12 - 16, 2016

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Welcome Back to School from Mrs. Booz, Mrs. Gaudio and Ms. Zeiters
We completed our first 3 days of the 2016-17 school year and we are off to a great start. The staff have been so impressed with the first impressions that are students are making in their new grade. This renewed energy and positive direction is a result of parents, students, staff and community members embodying the theme "Turning Dreams Into Reality."

During the first three days of school there were so many activities taking place to help students transition into Lakeside Middle School. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 6th grade teachers spending quality time helping the new students transition to our school through extensive tours, team building and collaborative activities.
  • Nurses balancing vaccination requirements with regular treatment and other medical records.
  • Counselors meeting with kids and assisting parents and students.
  • Security guards helping students understand their schedules and directing them to their correct classrooms.
  • Teachers spending time developing rapport with the students and really getting to know them (and vice versa).
  • Students were happy to be able to choose where to sit in lunch.
  • Teachers collaborating during CPT and talking about the various things to accomplish in September.
  • Students learning that they can use their devices responsibly in the hallways, and cafeteria. 
  • The Vice Principals collaborating with each other and staff while planning and executing their Grade Level Assemblies.

This week will provide us the opportunity to reflect on one of the largest tragedies in American history. On September 11, 2001 our country was faced with an event that was on a scale never seen before. Our staff will certainly be talking about the impact of the events on September 11, 2001 and using this time to further instill why we need to resolve conflicts peacefully.

In addition, this week Dr. Cook will begin going through the National SAM Innovation Project this week. He will be shadowed by Dr. Sheila H. Barker.  She is the National SAM Project Time/Task Analysis™ data collector who will be shadowing Dr. Cook on September 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th.  The purpose of Dr. Barker shadowing Dr. Cook this week is to have her collect data on how he spends his time. Afterwards, they will work together to increase time spent on improving instruction at Lakeside. If you see Dr. Barker with Dr. Cook she cannot answer any questions and she will keep all observations confidential. Dr. Cook is going through this process along with Mr. Coyle at RM Bacon, Mr. Reissik at Silver Run, Nora Zielinski at Culver and Mr. Saul at Holly Heights. Dr. Moore, Dr. Robinson and Mr. Drew went through the program last year and were very impressed with the results!  

Lightning Strikes Bogarts
On Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM we hosted our first Lightning Strikes Bogarts, Students, teachers and parents were treated to lemonade, snacks and discounted books. These monthly events will provide our students to opportunity to read, write and eventually create something interesting while supporting local a local business.
Lightning Strikes Bogarts 
Lightning Strikes Bogarts
Lightning Strikes Bogarts 
Lightning Strikes Bogarts 
Lightning Strikes Bogarts 

Pictures from around the School
Mrs. Schwailik presented at Vegan Stock 
Election year socks 
8th grade science students got right to work 
8th grade science students got right to work 
8th grade science students got right to work 
Mrs. Holmes's students creating posters 
Mrs. Holmes's students creating posters 
Mrs. Holmes's students creating posters 
First Friday 
Be a Star 
You are a Star! 
Mr. Fry Skyped into his Science classes
Why is School Important to YOU? 
There will be a lot of reading at LMS this year. Teachers are making it comfortable! 
There will be a lot of reading at LMS this year. Teachers are making it comfortable! 
Mrs. Ciccio was featured in the Daily Journal for her Back to School picture  :) 
Mr. Kavanagh and Mr. Hakola were "twinning" on the first day 
Mr. P. showed the proper way to ride a bike at the 6th Grade Assembly 
Mrs. Bergman and Mr. Garrison were showing 8th graders how to dress and use their cell phones responsibly 
Mr. Williams displayed how to be safe in the hallway, dress appropriately and how to interact with peers
Weekly Overview
Monday - B Day - Teacher Grade Book set up in CPT; SAM Data Collection
Tuesday - A Day - SPAC Meeting, 1:00 PM; SAM Data Collection
Wednesday- B Day - SAM Data Collection
Thursday - A Day - Neighborhood Alliance Meeting, DMC, 9:00 AM; SAM Data Collection
Friday - B Day - SAM Data Collection

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