Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26 - September 30, 2016

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality 

A big THANK YOU to Lowes for their donations
This is the last full week of of school in September. Can you believe how the year is progressing?

Last week we had an awesome week at Lakeside Middle School. Throughout the building it was evident that students and teachers were engaged in the learning process. Most of the students have adjusted to their new schedules and are able to open their lockers!

This week we have our first staff meeting of the year. The staff meetings allow our staff to continue the learning process (we never stop learning).

In addition, our students will have their school pictures taken during their physical education classes. School pictures will be taken on Thursday and Friday. Be sure to look your best!

Books, Books and More Books
Mrs. Benfer with all her books 
This year Lakeside Middle School is embarking on a literacy initiative to help students and teachers have access to books in the Language Arts classrooms. Thanks to Mrs. Benfer, all 4,436 books have been lexiled and delivered to the LAL classrooms! Also students have taken their first SRI so their teachers can set goals with them in the very near future.

1,776 across 6th grade (296 books x 6 teachers)
1,380 across 7th grade (276 books x 5 teachers)
1,280 across 8th grade (256 books x 5 teachers)

4,436 total books!!!!!

Mrs. Benfer wanted to give a special thank you to Maggie Colina, Mrs. Grennon, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Francesconi, and Mrs. Jost for helping her in their spare time!

The Forgotten 3 R's (Relax, Recharge, Revitalize) 
We know how challenging opening up a school after being in a relaxed mode for the summer. We decided to treat our awesome Lakeside Lightning Staff to a new way to end the month. Dr. Aili Pogust will be available in all Common Planning Times (Located in DMC) on Friday, September 30th to help our teachers relax, recharge and revitalize. Some of the techniques shared will eventually show up in the classroom and could assist students as well.

Lakeside Atrium Updates
There are a few teachers in the building who are getting their classes working on the atrium located at the front of the school at the entrance. The Lakeside Atrium is near and dear to our students and staff and it is one of the signature aspects of our school. This year students in Mrs. Sharpless, Mrs. DeClementi, Mrs. Wichnick and Mr. Protich's classes will be cleaning up and maintaining the atrium.

Mrs. Sharpless has had students out there this past week trimming hedges and pulling weeds. In just a few days the atrium has transformed. In addition, Mrs. Sharpless contacted Lowes in Millville and they donated flowers and mulch to our atrium. Be sure to peek in when you visit the school or at our Back To School Night on October 5th.

National Junior Honor Society Officers
Congratualtions to the 16-17 NJHS Officers:
Andrew Cain- President
Megan Hallenbeck- Vice President
Noah Lopez –Secretary
Kalani Flores - Treasurer
Emily Thompson – Historian
Savannah Dobrosky – Public Relations

Video of the Week - How does your brain work? 

Pictures From Around the School 
A perfect team - Mrs. Ronchetti and Mr. Gardenhire
Talk Like a Pirate Day with Mrs. Phillips 

Talk Like a Pirate Day with Mrs. Phillips 

ESS Open House 

ESS Open House 

ESS Open House 

Mr. Clarke's Balloon Project 

Mrs. Salvati's selfie with our turtle! 

Working on the Atrium 
Mrs. DeClementi's class working on their math skills 

Mrs. DeClementi's class working on their math skills 

Mrs. DeClementi's class working on their math skills 
Weekly Overview 
Monday - B Day - Weekly Admin Meeting, 9:00 AM;
Tuesday - A Day - Another awesome dat at LMS
Wednesday - B Day - Staff Meeting, 3:20 PM; Band Meeting, 6:00 PM
Thursday - A Day - School Pictures in PE Classes
Friday - B Day - School Pictures in PE Classes; Dr. Aili Pogust in Common Planning Time

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