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March 13 - 17, 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality!

Mrs. Henry's students doing a gallery work in their latest PBL
We had another successful week at LMS. I am sure many of you wonder how do we continue to produce such amazing things each week? It is easy because we have the best students and staff!

We are not without our flaws or areas to improve. In fact, this week, staff and administration have been preparing to address these concerns in grade level meetings. Here is a list of things we will be reviewing:
- Earbuds
- Hoodies
- Running
- Volume
- Food and drink
- Students staring at their cell phones

- Students refusing to put cell phones away (failing to follow a reasonable request)
- Students bringing in homemade slime
- Students bringing in food and drink

Grade level offices (Once a student is removed)
- Cell phones
- Ear Buds

Is anyone seeing a pattern? Although we have developed a unique Bring Your Own Device Policy in our district (mostly pertaining to cell phones) we are reconsidering this at LMS because of distractions and misuse. Most concerning, however, is when staff members address students regarding these concerns, they are often met with disrespect. We feel that students may not be ready to enjoy this responsibility.

Parents, we will be making updates to our cell phone policies and sending them home this week. Cell phones are a privilege at LMS and those students who can not follow our guidelines will be subject to discipline and other consequences such as losing their cell phone privileges. We need your help to maintain a positive learning environment at LMS!

Our latest addition to the Band! Courtesy of Donors Choose
PI DAY - March 14, 2017 

They call him Dr. Buckets 
As you may already know, Pi Day is fast approaching. On March 14th and the days leading up to it, we will be planning a few school wide activities. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mr. Fien in M110.

COIN DROP: There will be three containers placed in the cafeteria for each of the vice principals. Students and teachers can drop their spare change in the bucket of the V.P. they would like to see get pied in the face. Whichever V.P. collects the most change will “win.”

MEMORIZATION CONTEST: We will be holding a contest during lunch periods to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi. Attached, you will find copies of the first X digits of pi. These can be passed out to students to study from. Whichever student can memorize the most digits, will win a gift card.

HAPPY PI DAY CARD CONTEST: Students can design their own “Happy Pi Day” card. We ask that they use an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of computer paper folded in half once. The card can open in either direction. Complete cards can be submitted to Ms. DiMattia or Ms. Moratelli on or before Monday, March 13th.

PAPER CHAIN: Contact Mr. Fien if you would like to have one of your classes participate in making a Pi paper chain. This will take no planning on your part, all supplies and directions will be provided. If you are participating, all completing loops need to be turned in by Friday, March 10th. Please see attached document for more detailed information.

Daily Announcements
Try this on Workout Wednesday
Do you love burritos? Do you love to shop?? Why not combine both?! The field hockey team is hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle in Deptford on Monday, March 13th from 2:00-9:00. Fill up on carnitas and guacamole before spending your allowance at the mall and help support our awesome athletes.

Attention all 8th grade students:  Applications are now available for AVID at Millville High School.  If your goal is to attend a 4-year college/university, and you like taking academic challenges, then AVID is for you!  Stop by the main office to pick up an application if you are interested and see Mrs. Hallenbeck if you have questions.  Applications are due to Mrs. Hallenbeck no later than March 17th!

Do you like board games? Do you like to eat breakfast? Well, if you do , PBSIS has a good time waiting for you! Friday, March 17th is the PBSIS Board Game Breakfast! This will be held in the cafeteria during periods 3 and 4. The cost is ONLY 20 zaps and there will only be 30 tickets available for each grade level. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 13th in ALL grade level Zap Stores. Buy your tickets early, they WILL sell out quickly!!!! BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!!!!!!! On the same day as the Board Game Breakfast, PBSIS is also having ANOTHER LAKESIDE PAJAMA DAY!! That’s right, bring in one dollar and you can enjoy a comfy Friday. Starting Monday. March 13th, you can bring that dollar to the following teachers: Mrs. Bermudez, Miss James, Mrs. Harrington or Mrs. Rauch…the Zap Stores are NOT collecting money, only those teachers I just announced AND, Friday, March 17th is a half day for students…WOW!!!  Board Game Breakfast, Pajama Day and a half day ALL on March 17th…what a great way to end the week!”

Lakeside lightning car magnets are now for sale! Each magnet is $5 and proceeds go towards events at Lakeside. Bring $5 to Mrs. Salvati to get your magnet today or pick yours up from Mrs. Kavanagh at the front desk!

PBSIS is happy to announce the following winners of a free movie ticket to Regal Cinema:
8th Grade:
Cameron Mason
Layla Ortiz
7th Grade:
Cassidy Blough
Layla Medina
6th Grade:
Kayla White
Harry Moore
Please report to Mrs. Rauch in Room M121 to claim your ticket!!!”

Pictures from around the school
Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies" 

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Kern's class "Escaping Social Studies"

Mrs. Henry's class doing a picture walk for their PBL

Mrs. Henry's class doing a picture walk for their PBL

Mrs. Henry's class doing a picture walk for their PBL

Mrs. DeClementi's students teaching peers how to create Geometry Stars

Mrs. DeClementi's students teaching peers how to create Geometry Stars

Mrs. DeClementi's students teaching peers how to create Geometry Stars
Mrs. DeClementi's students teaching peers how to create Geometry Stars

Mrs. DeClementi's students teaching peers how to create Geometry Stars
Dr. Cook never passes up the chance to play Kahoot. He came in 5th place in Mr. Williams class this week 

National Junior Honor Society earns "Top Fundraiser" Award for Alzheimer's Association 
Mrs. Booz and Mrs. Gaudio our wonderful NJHS Advisers! 

NJHS raised $875 and was the Top School! 

Students of the Month - Congratulations to the 6th and 7th Graders who earned Student of the Month

Twinning at LMS - Great Minds Dress Alike 

Winner of the Week - This week's winner of the blog goes to Jayme Sooy, Emily Thompson, Mary Greco and Trista Cleaves. They won Lunch with the Principal at a local Soccer Fundraiser. Do you have a club or organization who is having a fundraiser? Contact Dr. Cook and he will supply a basket for your group. LMS supports all organizations!
Emily, Jayme, Mary and Trista with Dr. Cook 

Weekly Overview

Monday - March 13 (B Day) - Another Awesome Day at LMS
Tuesday - March 14 (A Day) - Pi Day; AVID presentations to Millville Neighborhood Alliance, 9 AM - 11 AM; 6th grade AVID will be planting seeds, 9th period
Wednesday - March 15 (B Day) - Workout Wednesday; NJ CAP presentations to 7th grade; AVID Subcommittee, 3:20 PM; PTO Meeting, Art Room, 6:00 PM
Thursday - March 16 (A Day)- Another Awesome Day at LMS
Friday - March 17 (B Day) - Bee Movie reward for 6th graders, periods 6 - 9; Early Dismissal, 1:05 PM; Staff In-service, 1:45 PM - 3:10 PM

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