Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 4 - 8, 2017 (Back to School Edition)

Lakeside Lightning,

The World is Yours: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Olivia and Dylan helped Dr. Cook with his Bulletin Board 
You read that correctly... It is the Back to School Edition of the Lakeside Lightning Round! Wow, it was just a few short weeks ago that we were wishing everyone a happy Summer and now it is time for school to start!

Parents - It's our turn now :)

We have a lot of exciting things in store this year. To start off, our theme should provide a framework for students, parents and teachers to connect with the middle school experience.

Throughout this year, we will all realize that the world is ours, and that we must turn the obstacles we face into opportunities. We will accomplish this because Millville is resilient no matter what happens! The same will be said for Lakeside Middle School! Who is ready to turn obstacles into opportunities?

Here is a short breakdown of the changes everyone will be experiencing at LMS this year:

  • Selected students will be participating in Zero Period for Health and PE as well as Band Instrumental Lessons.
  • Homeroom begins at 8:32 AM - Students entering the school or homeroom will be marked late.
  • Passing time between classes is now 3 minutes! 
  • Lunches will be 22 minutes and students will have an "Advisory" period either before or after lunch.
  • Advisory period will be dedicated to Character Education, AVID Strategies, social and emotional development. 
  • Students will be taking World Languages and certain electives online through the Edmentum program.
  • We will continue to have after school programs, sports and activities! 
What to expect the first 3 days (Wednesday through Friday) 
Flexible seating is spreading at LMS
In order to transition everyone back to LMS, we will be extending homeroom for the first 3 days by 45 minutes. This will allow 6th graders the opportunity to learn the school, try out their lockers, and breathe before classes start. Schedules will be distributed on the first day. 

On Thursday, the 7th and 8th graders will have a brief assembly to review procedures. On Friday we will have an All School Assembly to officially kick off the year. Friday is also our first College Day of the year. Be sure to wear your College gear and get featured in the blog! 

During the first few days, the teachers will be doing a lot of activities to get to know their students. Our teachers are AMAZING at getting to know their students while also setting the tone for their classroom! We will work with students who are lost or do not understand their schedules. No one needs to worry about getting lost because we will always get them to the correct place! 

Our staff will be in training all day on Tuesday eagerly preparing for the new school year! 

Quick Facts about LMS
  • Doors open at 8:15 AM
  • Walkers and Car Riders enter and exit the front of the building
  • Bus Riders are dropped off and picked up in either A, B, or C lot
  • There is a guidance counselor for each grade 
  • We have a full time Anti Bullying Specialist - Linda Jost 
  • Most classrooms in the grade level are very close to each other
  • Lockers are assigned near homeroom
  • We have 4 simple rules: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be a Good Learner
  • We have about 1100 students and about 600 laptops
  • We are an AVID National Demonstration School 
  • Our teachers and students are the best! 
  • Students are dismissed at 3:10 PM and are expected to exit the building where they came in (ie bus riders must ride the bus, walkers must walk and car riders must be a car rider). If students need to change this, they must present a note to their grade level Vice Principal for approval

Pictures from Around the Schoo
We have new doors at the front of LMS

Our tree that was struck by lightning was taken down

Office make over! 

Bulletin Board experts! 

Mrs. Bram is ready for flexible seating! 

Mrs. Salvati is ready to lead the Lego Revolution at LMS

We have new sound in the Auditorium 

Flexible Seating in Mrs. Salvati's room 

Mrs. Petit has everything ready for day 1! 

Who is ready to build a strong foundation in Math with Mrs. Oquendo? 

Mrs. Schwalik enjoying the Solar Eclipse on vacation 

Video of the Week - You will hear a lot about Gratitude this year. Dr. Cook proudly says that he has been transformed by the work he has done with Gratitude lists this year and wants to spread this to the teachers and students. Here is a video of a teacher from California using it in the classroom.

Weekly Overview 
Monday 9/4/17 - No School - Labor Day
Tuesday 9/5/17 - No School - Staff In-Service 
Wednesday 9/6/17 - A Day - First Day of School - Homeroom extended 
Thursday 9/7/17 - B Day - Homeroom extended - Grade Level meetings 7th and 8th only
Friday 9/8/17 - A Day - Homeroom extended - All School Assembly - 6th grade meeting afterwards