Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 3 - 7, 2017

Lakeside Lightning,

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Megan Hallenbeck speaking at NJHS
Can you believe that we are now into April? Wow, time really flies when you are having fun. This week the students, teachers and administration worked on some new expectations for the hallways, cell phones and more importantly, respect.

In the grade level assemblies, the Vice Principals and Dr. Cook outlined the changes with our cell phone policy. Many students were not in agreement with this but we feel that it is in their best interest. Did you miss the changes? Here are the changes:

Starting March 28 the students will no longer be able to use cell phones in the hallways in the morning, in between classes or at the end of the day. The reason for this change is safety and security in the hallways. They will be able to use the cell phones in the cafeteria and in classes where the teacher permits. Students will not be able to use cell phones when substitutes are in the class. Cell phones are a privilege not a right at LMS and failure to comply with the policies could result in loss of cell phone privileges. We also talked with the students about the concept of respect and how important it is for them to respect all of our staff members no matter what position they have.

Since implementing the new procedures, we have had very few infractions. We are so pleased that our students stepped up to the changes.

April is Autism Awareness Month 
April is here!!  It's time to celebrate and support our students living with autism.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its newest estimate of autism prevalence among the nation’s children – with numbers unchanged, at 1 in 68, from 2014. Based on these results, an estimated 1 to 1.2 million children under the age of 21 have been diagnosed with autism in the United States.

National Junior Honor Society 
Shades of Blue performing at the NJHS 
Lakeside Middle School held its National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony on March 28.

The society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

Click here for the Daily Journal article.

Daily Announcements
Dr. Cook is always taking selfies! 
Anyone signed up for intramural floor hockey please check the sign up list located by the main gym and the auxiliary gym to see if you are cleared to participate. We start  this Monday April 3.

The PBSIS Committee is selling official tee shirts! For $15, you can support our awesome committee and promote positivity in our school. Shirts are light grey with a black-and-yellow lightning logo. See Miss Wichnick in B112 as soon as possible to place your order!

Tickets are now on sale for Lakeside Family Friendly Night at the Philadelphia Phillies Game on Friday, June 2nd. Bus leaves Lakeside at 5 and returns at 11. Tickets are $25 cash (only-no checks accepted) per person and pizza and soda will be provided at 4:00 p.m. at Lakeside before the game. Permission slips are available in the main office. Permission slips can be returned to Mrs. Benfer in the main office.

About our JDRF Fundraiser
1. Please remind students that $10 earns a ticket to the walk and $20 earns a ticket to both the walk and the PBSIS event.  Money due April 6, 2017
2.  Students will be able to buy tickets to the PBSIS event using ZAP's once the JDRF collection has ended.
3. Students MUST wear sneakers the day of the walk and the PBSIS event in order to participate.
4. The walk is April 13, 2017 from 8:40-10:40 AM.  The Fitness Fun Day is during periods 7 and 8.

Understanding Anxiety - Submitted by Mrs. Padro 
According to an article on Assessing and Treating Childhood Anxiety in School Settings by Savannah Wright & Michael L. Murkowski among 2% on 27% children and adolescents suffer with an anxiety disorder and many more struggle with distressing yet subclinical levels of anxiety.  A large body of research indicates that anxious youth are at risk for school absenteeism, academic underachievement, low social acceptance, and impaired psychosocial functioning.  These children required specific treatments if not it can result in more serious consequences such as depression, substance abuse, etc.  School psychologists can have an important role in implementing interventions to help the needs of anxious youth.

According to Thomas J. Huberty, PhD, NCSP, anxiety is one of the most common experiences of children and adults.  It is a normal, adaptive reaction, as it creates a level of arousal and alertness to danger.  The primary characteristic of anxiety is worry, which is fear that future events will have negative outcomes.  Anxious children are much more likely than their peers to see minor events as potentially threatening such as giving a brief oral report, taking a test, completing classwork, etc. Anxious children are likely to engage in a variety of avoidance behaviors to reduce exposure to threat.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 @ 6:00 PM  - Social Media: Is It Friend or Foe? 

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of misusing social media?  Although social media can have a positive impact if used properly, there are very real concerns related to its misuse.  

You are cordially invited to a workshop entitled Social Media Friend or Foe hosted by Detective Dwayne Watkins on Wednesday, April 5th at Lakeside Middle School at 6 PM. He will explain the legal aspects and concerns involved in misusing social media and answer any questions that you may have. You can enter through the front of the school and someone will direct you to the library. 

Pictures From Around The School
Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

Century 21 Photography Club 

NJHS getting ready  

Mrs. Wichnick's class preparing salad 

Mrs. Wichnick's class preparing salad 

Mrs. Wichnick's class preparing salad 

Mrs. Wichnick's class preparing salad 

Henry got a surprise for April Fools Day 

Cassy Johnston from the RAC presenting to staff 

Ms. James with all of the resources collected for the homeless! 

Twinning at LMS - Great Minds Dress Alike
Mrs.Kavanagh and Mrs. Benfer 

Mr. P and Mrs. Ronchetti 

Mrs. Elwell and Mr. Hudson 

Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Brown

Winner of the Week - This week's winner of the blog is Andrew Cain! Andrew was selected to represent LMS at the 8th grade Dialogue on Monday, March 27, and was the Keynote Speaker at the NJHS Induction on Tuesday, March 28! Congratulations for all you do for LMS Andrew!
Andrew with Dr. Cook and the Board of Education 

Andrew with Dr. Gentile and the Board of Education 

Andrew getting ready to speak at the 8th Grade Dialogue 

Weekly Overview
Monday - April 3 - A Day - Another amazing day at LMS
Tuesday - April 4 - B Day - Another Epic day at LMS
Wednesday - April 5 - A Day - Sub-committee meetings, 3:20 PM; Social Media Presentation,
Thursday - April 6 - B Day - School Leadership (ScIP) Meeting, 3:20 PM
Friday - April 7 -A Day - Wear your Autism Awareness Shirts; JDRF Money Due


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